Ham, Cheese & Egg Croissant Sandwich

A scrambled egg patty, a lean slice of smoky ham and a slice of American cheese all nested in a buttery, flaky croissant served with a cranberry packet. Please remove packet before heating.

INGREDIENTS: Sandwich, Ham, Egg & Cheese Crossiant CKD (crossiant: enriched bleached flour, vegetable shortening, skim milk, highfructose corn syrup, yeast, water, contains less than 2% salt, eggs, wheat gluten, sugar natural and artifical flavors, egg patty: whole eggs, water, egg yolk, soybean oil, nonfat milk, modified corn starch, preservatives, buter flavor, smoked ham, processed cheese: cultured milk, water, cream, sodium phospate, salt, preservative, vegetable color), Packet, Dried Cranberries (sugar). Contains Egg, Milk, Soy, Wheat.


Contains: egg|milk|soy|wheat
  • Low-calorie