Finger Steak Dinner

Classic, whole-grain breaded beef round steak fingers are par-fried then baked, added to our new whole-grains & vegetable blends this one contains cooked white rice, cooked whole-grain orzo (small pasta), barley, rye, whole-wheat oats, amaranth, cooked red quinoa, millet, diced carrots, cooked garbanzo beans, chopped kale, diced red peppers, olive oil, spices & seasonings an extra portion of diced carrots is added for bulked up nutrition.

INGREDIENTS: Vegetable, Carrots Diced, Beef, Finger Steaks CKD (beef round roast, water, white whole wheat flour, whole grain corn flour, isolated soy protein, contains less than 2%  corn starch, salt, sodium phosphate, leavening, garlic, paprika, egg whites, pepper, lecithin, cooked in vegetable oil), Water, Rice, Parboiled, Rice, Hearty Grains, Orzo, Garbanzo & Kale (cooked multigrain macaroni product, carrots, cooked garbanzo beans, kale, red bell pepper, cooked red quinoa, canola oil, seasonings, soices, brown sugar, natural flavors), Olive Oil Blend (extra virgin olive oil, canola oil). Contains Egg, Soy, Wheat.


Contains: Egg|Soy|Wheat
  • Low-calorie
  • Low-fat
  • Renal options
  • Sodium-controlled

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