It was the Dutch colonist during the 17th century that brought St. Nick to the new found America. Soon after his arrival he was given his Anglican name Santa Claus, however it wasn’t until 1822 through the poem of Clement C Moore’s, The Night before Christmas that we got our first true glimpse of our jolly gift giver. He was a broad faced, round belly old elf with a special little twinkle in his eyes.  As the folklore goes, he slides down our chimney, drops off our gifts and then shoots back up the chimney without making a sound or leaving a trace. Passed down from generation after generation, Santa is portrayed as this kind and generous man devoted to the welfare of children, much like the Bishop of Myra in the region of Turkey.

**Yes, St Nicholas, the Bishop of Myra, died in 340 A.D. and it is his kindness and generosity to children that history remembers.
**It is his kindness and generosity that gave us Santa Claus.
**It is his kindness and generosity that are wrapped under the Christmas tree every December.
**It was St. Nicholas of Myra that taught us that the gift of kindness and generosity last longer than a life time.

May you relish in faith, hope and love.

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