He is called the “Father of the Constitution” for his contribution in the drafting of the United States Constitution. He is notable for drafting the first ten Amendments to the Constitution, proclaiming him the “Father of the Bill of Right.” He is hailed as one of our most influential forefathers in the successful ratification of our U.S. Constitution. He supervised the Louisiana Purchase, doubling the size of our nation. He is the 4th president of the United States, James Madison. No President has had a greater impact on the shaping of our constitution, proving once again that “great things come in small packages.” For you see, James Madison, the father of our constitution was also our smallest President, for he stood only 5 feet 4 inches and he weighed less than 100lbs.


  He was a man so small and considered so sickly that is was predicted that he would never see his 20th birthday. He was courageous, brilliant and determined to promote and protect the liberty of all men. He was so committed to liberty that he devoted all 85 years of his life to the cause. Once again he beat the odds and lived 85 influential years.  He endured a tremendous amount of physical sufferings, experienced many of personal sacrifices and had to face a tremendous amount of philosophical obstacles so that people like us can enjoy freedom every day of our life. I am grateful for James Madison and others like him.

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