I’m sure many of you are thinking about your pastrami on rye while others are saying “huh”?!

Before you go on indulging in your favorite lunchtime meal, let me explain the true meaning of “sandwich generation month”.

Sandwich Generation Month symbolizes the dedication, patience and caring of adults who are part of the sandwich generation – those caring for their children as well as their own aging parents.

Being a member of the “sandwich generation” can be both very rewarding and daunting. There are so many day to day trials that go along with caring for an aging relative. Though there are many families in this situation one can still feel very desolate. It is important to realize that you are not alone! There are numerous other families in the same situation.
There are also several online resources and books that can offer support for those who are part of the Sandwich Generation.

Take a look at the link below for some helpful ideas:

If you are a part of a “sandwich generation family,” please let Homestyle Direct take some of the responsibility from you. We offer a great selection of meals that can be extremely helpful, especially if you have both children and an aging parent to feed daily. Please visit our website to look at the large selection that we offer. You can order online or by calling our toll free number 1-866-735-0921.

Libby Griffith

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