September is Baby Safety Month, which hits especially close to home for me this year as I am expecting my first baby! There are so many fun and wonderful things about being a mom-to-be; you get to shop for so many cute baby items, have others swoon over your growing bump, and my personal favorite, eat ice cream guilt-free! While preparing for parenthood is exceptionally fun, it is also very important to keep in mind all of the preparation it takes to make sure baby is brought home to a safe environment. Some of the most important things to think about when preparing to bring home your new bundle of joy are:
• Installing or updating carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
• Creating a safe sleep environment for baby (firm mattress with tight fitting crib sheet)
• Make sure you have a safe and properly installed car seat (you can get this checked at a car seat check station, for one near you visit
• Make sure all medications and poisons (such as cleaning supplies) are locked up and far out of baby’s reach
All of the necessary steps that need to be taken can be overwhelming (at least for me!) Just know that there are hundreds of resources available to help new families get prepared for the arrival of their new sweet pea! I have listed a few of the sites that I turn to below. If you are awaiting the arrival of baby, congratulations! It truly is one of the happiest times in life. Wish me luck on my new addition and I look forward to keeping you all posted on Baby’s arrival!

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