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Smart Phone App…

The Homestyle Direct App is available for download on Apple and Google Play. Open up the App store from your smart phone or tablet and search “Homestyle Direct.” When you use the app you can keep up to date with blogs, view menu items and even place your order right from the app!

Meatloaf Appreciation…

Meatloaf Appreciation Day is Sunday, October, 18th. In honor of National Meatloaf Day, we are sharing our Power Oats Meatloaf recipe. If you would like a copy of this recipe, please email

Meatloaf Appreciation Day: October 18th


Are you tired of the same meal delivery each month? Homestyle Direct has thirty meals for you to choose from. Please take a moment to read through the menu or call us during business hours; we will read the menu to you. Don’t forget, we need your order two weeks in advance.

1-866-735-0921 or

Pork Fried Rice & Mini Pork Egg Roll…

We take lean, low-sodium diced ham, diced onion, diced red peppers, diced celery, tender peas and diced carrots, scrambling in eggs and steamed white rice. We added a delicious mini pork and vegetable egg roll. We complete this wonderful, Asian entrée with our Midori blend vegetables.

Pork Fried Rice & Mini Pork Egg Roll

Eat this in October…

We celebrate the harvest in October because many fruits and vegetables are at their peak.

~ Brussels sprouts have plenty of fiber and are a very nutritious vegetable. ~ Butternut, Acorn, and squash are an excellent source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. ~ Grapes may contribute to heart health and are easy to snack on throughout the day.~

All our delicious meals are certified and approved by a licensed dietician to ensure the proper nutritional content and dietary requirements. Our nutritional options include: low-calorie, low-fat, carb-controlled, gluten-restricted, sodium-controlled and renal options.

New Construction…

We haven’t broken ground yet, but our plans are falling into place. Please check back to see our progress.

World Egg Day…

October 11th,2020 is World Egg Day! This day promotes and celebrates all of the benefits of eggs. Homestyle Direct has a variety of breakfast items that include eggs: Ham & Cheese Breakfast Scramble, Homestyle Big Breakfast, Brown Sugar Steel Cut Oats with Cinnamon Apples, Supreme Egg Bake Bites, Ham, Egg & Cheese Croissant Sandwich, Mexican Fiesta Breakfast Bowl, and Biscuits & Sausage Gravy. Click HERE to view our current breakfast items.

Eggs naturally contain B Vitamins, so eating an egg will give you a boost of energy.
Eggs are a great source of protein. A single egg contains around 6 grams.
Eggs are filling. Eggs are a great way to control the portion of food you eat.
Eggs contain Lutein and Zeaxanthin. (Antioxidants that benefit eye health).

World Egg Day – Sunday, October 11th , 2020

Care Managers…

Are you running low on Homestyle Direct supplies? We have menus, photo brochures, and answers to your questions. Contact our team at 1-866-735-0921 and we’ll be happy to assist.


Hello Duluth…

Homestyle Direct is an Ally Sponsor at the 39th annual St Louis County Health & Human Services (virtual) Conference October 7- 8, 2020. They are sponsoring 66 workshops and 5 institutes over 2 days of conferencing. Homestyle Direct has materials available for download. Please contact Tonna at 1-866-735-0921 x 102 if you have any questions or requests.

October Promotion…

$19.95 off your order when you purchase a minimum of 14 meals in October 2020. Please call or email Lisa with questions. or 1-866-735-0921 ext 121

National Pasta Month…

Pasta pairs perfectly with meat, vegetables, sauces, and weather. The possibilities are endless!

Homestyle Direct’s Cheese Manicotti is two flat sheets of pasta, filled with a blend of creamy ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, and Romano cheeses, then rolled up. These tender stuffed pasta tubes are then topped with our signature marinara sauce, garnished with shredded pizza cheese blend together with our Italian vegetables.

Cheese Manicotti

Sausage & Pancake Griddle Sandwich…

Are you looking for a filling and flavorful breakfast for a chilly October morning? Try our Sausage & Pancake Griddle Sandwich. An individually wrapped maple seasoned beef sausage patty is placed between two whole-grain griddle pancakes we add it to cheddar skin on potato chunks and our dried fruit packet.

This is a Low-calorie, Low-fat, Sodium-controlled, and Renal menu option.

Sausage & Pancake Griddle Sandwich