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National Oatmeal Month…

Help us celebrate National Oatmeal Month with Homestyle Direct’s very own Power Oats. Power Oats pack a prized punch of key nutrients that are widely known to provide a host of benefits when included in your daily diet. One serving of Power Oats serves up almost one-third of your daily needs for calcium; over 20% of your daily needs for fiber; more vitamin C than a small orange; and, they’ll help you feel fuller longer. With Power Oats, you can rest assured knowing your meals are hearty and deliciously satisfying.

New Beginnings…

January can be an opportunity for new beginnings and a fresh start.

If you or a loved one is finding it increasingly difficult to shop for and prepare nutritious, well-balanced meals, Homestyle Direct is the ideal solution. We ship healthy, delicious, prepared meals directly to our customers’ doorsteps—and we can do the same for you. All meals are thoroughly cooked and should arrive frozen or refrigerator cold.

Let Homestyle Direct help you. You may place your order for nutritious, well-balanced meals online at or by calling Lisa at 1-866-735-0921 ext 121.

2020 Shipping Calendar

The 2020 Shipping Calendars were shipped in your December meal delivery; mailed if you didn’t receive December meals.  If you haven’t received your calendar, please contact our Customer Service department at 1-866-735-0921 Ext 0.

Happy New Year!!!

May the New Year be filled with love and cheer. May you be blessed with plenty of peace, love, and happiness in 2020. Please be safe.

The office is closed New Year’s Day and will reopen Thursday, January 2, 2020.

Chile Relleno…

We take a whole roasted Poblano pepper and stuff it with Monterey Jack cheese coated in a light egg-batter and fried in canola oil to a crispy golden brown. We have incorporated our Mexican bean bake mixture consisting of black and pinto beans, diced green chilis, diced red and green peppers, diced onions and our chuckwagon vegetables.

Scheduling In-Services…

We are scheduling our trips for 2020. Please contact our sales team if you would like a visit or in-service for your staff.  We may be reached at 1-866-735-0921 or

Watching Your Sodium…

Nine out of ten Americans eat too much sodium, which can lead to high blood pressure. Reducing sodium can help lower your blood pressure. You can help lower the amount of sodium in your diet by making some changes.

Learn how to read food labels.
Snack on unsalted options like nuts, fresh vegetables, or fruit.
Choose skinless lean meats instead of processed meats.

Homestyle Direct offers seventeen Sodium-controlled options on the Fall / Winter menu. These meals are at or less than 750 mg. of sodium. You can let Homestyle Direct help you with your meal choices. Follow the link to our Sodium-controlled menu options.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!!!

The Homestyle Direct offices are closed December 24th and 25th to celebrate Christmas with our families. The office will reopen on Thursday, December 26th at 8:30 am MST.

Hunan Orange Broccoli Beef…

Hunan cuisine, also known as Xiang cuisine, consists of the cuisines of the Xiang River region, Dongting Lake and Western Hunan Province in China. It is one of the Eight Great Traditions of Chinese cuisines and is well known for its sweet and slightly spicy flavors. We make our Hunan sauce with tamari soy and orange juice for a slightly sweet less spicy gluten-restricted version. This sauce is poured on top of flame seared beef steak strips teaming them up with our quinoa and parboiled white rice blend and chopped broccoli.

Ugly Sweater Day…

Bedazzled, bejeweled, or just ugly; show off your ugly sweater on the third Friday of December. Our office threw a party yesterday to celebrate!