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Stress Awareness Month…

In April, focus on increasing awareness of both the cause of stress and the cure. Do you know, reducing stress can help improve everyday life by improving your mood, productivity, and overall health? Stress has psychological effects that include anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. Additionally, stress can cause physical effects that include muscle tension, headaches, migraines, and even heart attacks.

Some tips to manage stress include:
Meditate: Commit at least 15 minutes of your day focusing on breathing and letting go of emotions.
Exercise: Walk, yoga, or swimming.
Sleep: Listen to your body and give it the rest and recovery it needs.
Positivity: Think positive and surround yourself with good influences.

April is Stress Awareness Month

Order Options…

We have been experiencing an extremely high volume of calls due to our menu change and growing company!

If you’d like to skip the call to Customer Service you always have the option to use our Order Line! It’s a 24-hour voicemail where you can leave your name, phone number, and order. A member of our Order Team will place the order for you!

Additionally, we also have our online ordering available if you’d like to skip calling altogether! Please make sure there is an active email on file and you’ve been set up with a user name and password prior to placing an online order.

Order Online

Customer Satisfaction Survey…

We want to hear what you think; if you have not already done so, please spend a few minutes to answer our brief survey. Your responses will assist us with decision-making to improve meals and services.


Homestyle Direct Survey #02

Buffalo Chicken Burrito Bowl…

Are you looking for a new flavor with a little spice? Try Homestyle’s buffalo-style shredded chicken served with a Mexi-bean mixture topped with cheddar cheese, two white corn tortillas, and a serving of cut corn. Enjoy it in a bowl or place it in a tortilla; it’s National Burrito Day!

This brand new entrée is a Low-fat, Low-calorie, and Gluten-restricted menu option.


Buffalo Chicken Burrito Bowl

Employees of the Month…

We have another tie! Congratulations to Darla and Maura! We appreciate all you do for HSD. You are both great examples of what our Core Values represent!

Maura and Darla

Power Oats & Raisins…

At Homestyle Direct, Medicaid members receive Power Oats and raisins with their monthly delivery.

Power Oats contain key nutrients that are widely known to provide a host of benefits when included in your daily diet. One serving of Power Oats serves up almost one-third of your daily needs for calcium; over 20% of your daily needs for fiber; more vitamin C than a small orange; and, they’ll help you feel fuller longer. With Power Oats, you can rest assured knowing your meals are hearty and deliciously satisfying.

If you would like to purchase Homestyle Direct Power Oats, please contact Kristin at 1-866-735-0921 ext 125.

Available for Purchase

Homestyle Cheeseburger…

We’ve switched this up and present you with a Carb-controlled, individual wrapped flamed broiled cheeseburger. The Homestyle Cheeseburger is now served on a brioche bun with a side of corn, peas, and carrots.

Homestyle Cheeseburger

Mexican Stuffed Pepper Casserole…

This slightly spicy Mexican rice casserole is filled with white rice, ground beef, black and pinto beans, tomatoes, mild salsa, peppers, and onions; topped with cheddar cheese.

This entrée is a Low-calorie, Gluten-restricted, Sodium-controlled, and Renal diet option.

More Information

Mexican Stuffed Pepper Casserole