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Homestyle Direct Power Oats Recipe…

Homestyle Direct “Power Oats” pack a prized punch of key nutrients that are widely known to provide a host of benefits when included in your daily diet. One serving of Power Oats serves up almost one-third of your daily needs for calcium; over 20% of your daily needs for fiber; more vitamin C than a small orange; and they’ll help you feel fuller longer. With Power Oats, you can rest assured knowing your meals are hearty and deliciously satisfying. Share your recipes and photos with us.

Power Oats Pumpkin Creme Pies 

Please write to or call 1-866-735-0921 for this Power Oats recipe.

National Sandwich Day…

Celebrate National Sandwich Day by ordering a Homestyle Direct Ham, Egg & Cheese Croissant Sandwich. You’ll receive a scrambled egg patty, a lean slice of smoky ham and a slice of American cheese all nested in a buttery, flaky croissant as well as diced sweet potatoes.

Portion Plates…

Guidelines for healthy meals suggest we fill half our plate with fruits and vegetables. The other half divided by lean proteins and whole grains.

This portion plate is shown with our Whole-Grain 3 Berry Breakfast Bar.

Cheese Manicotti…

We fill flat sheets of pasta with a blend of creamy ricotta, mozzarella, Parmesan and Romano cheeses then rolled them up. It is then topped with our signature marinara sauce, garnished with shredded pizza cheese blend together with our Italian vegetables and a slice of garlic toast.

Halloween 2019…

Thank you to everyone that participated with your entertaining ideas and costume designs.


It’s Halloween, a holiday celebrated by all ages. Traditionally children trick or treat. As an adult, I’ve participated in costume and pumpkin carving contests. How will you celebrate Halloween?

Apple Topped Sweet Cream Crepe…

This delicate pancake like crepe is hand rolled with sweet cream cheese filling and folded into a nice little package, we top it with an extra portion of diced tart apples and sweetened whipped topping. We are serving it with fluffy scrambled eggs. This is a Carb-controlled, Low-calorie, Renal, and Sodium-controlled option.

Management Team…

Since 1997 when my wife Mariann and I started Homestyle Direct, there have, as expected, been many challenges and obstacles to overcome. One that seemed to persist as we continued to grow was finding the right management team for our company.

We started to work with a business consultant to refine, and more importantly, define exactly what qualities we were looking for in our management team. The process was long but the outcome could not be better. The department managers we have at Homestyle Direct are beyond compare, both in knowledge and passion for the work they are doing for our clients.  As owners, we can rest assured that Homestyle Direct is being run as we ourselves would do. No higher compliment can be made!

Our amazing management team is comprised of:

Libby – HR
Yasmin – Customer Service
Jessica – Customer Service
Lanie – Billing
Toni – New Client In-Take
Jim – Sales
Carlos – Shipping
Yessica – Shipping
Emma – Production
Luis – Production
Ashley – UPS Liaison

Left to Right: Toni, Emma, Luis, Jim, Lanie, Jessica, and Yasmin

Menu Change…

The Fried Chicken Drumstick Dinner is now the Fried Chicken Dinner.

This tender, plump and juicy chicken thigh is coated in a whole-grain breading and deep-fried to a perfect golden brown, adding tender peas and carrots and our longstanding macaroni and cheese. The best of all worlds creating a perfect comfort food entrée for Fall and Winter.