Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is celebrated all over the world with great fervor marking the birth of Jesus Christ. Though traditions differ in different parts of the world, there are some familiar symbols and traditions which are commonly practiced. Here are a few of my favorite Christmas symbols:

• Christmas Tree
o The Christmas tree is interpreted in many ways; my favorite belief is that the needles of the tree point towards heaven symbolizing man’s connection with the Lord. It is also an evergreen which signifies abundant life throughout the year.
• Christmas Star
o The Christmas star, also known as the Star of Bethlehem revealed the birth of Jesus to the three wise men and also guided them to Bethlehem.
• Christmas Bells
o Christmas bells announced the arrival of baby Jesus. The tinkling sound of bells guide the lost sheep back to the fold, just like the Lord would guide us to walk in His ways.
• Holly
o The holly symbolizes the crown of thorns worn by Christ during crucifixion, the red berries serve as a reminder of the drops of blood that were shed for salvation, and the shape of the leaves, which resemble flames, can serve to reveal God’s burning love for his people.
• Christmas Wreaths
o  Traditional wreaths are in the form of a circle. This circle has numerous meanings, such as the eternal presence of God, with no beginning and no end. The hope of life renewing itself. The hope of eternal life through Christ the Savior and the unending love of God.

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