As most of you know Homestyle Direct has been going through some challenges trying to pin down the correct container and film. We always strive to put out the best possible product in the best possible way. I speak for all of us here at Homestyle Direct when I say we have been as frustrated as our customers and we greatly appreciate your patience and support.

I have some great news in the container and packaging front. We have finally located a great container and a new printed film that work great, along with a great new way of packaging our product that ensures, you the customer, will receive the highest quality product with great integrity. The film will be pleasing to the eye with our logo, color scheme, re-heating instructions for the microwave and oven, nutritional information, ingredients list, allergen information, and a convenient "born on date" reminding  our customers they get the freshest most recent product we have available. 

I am confident moving forward that our customers will love the new packaging and shipping method as much as we love providing them with a quality nutritious healthy meal delivered directly to your home.
Again, I would like to thank everyone for their patience and support. 

Cody Griffith

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