Grateful: We invest in our people, we are defined by our people, supportive of one another, adaptable, embrace & encourage change, optimistic in light of all circumstances, and create a fun working environment.

Truthful & Honest: We seek to build & maintain trust and relationships, expect loyalty & trustworthiness, and insist on integrity-defined as a firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values aka incorruptibility.

Responsible: We are hardworking & passionate about our work, put energy needed into completing the task, pay attention to detail, deliver results, and constantly work toward positive & effective results.

Respectful & Compassionate: We lead by example, strive for our leadership to be contagious, and desire, encourage, and respect communication.

Competitive & Ambitious: We are resilient & adapt quickly to our environment, if we fail, we adjust quickly, we seek enthusiasm, and we are team players.