Did you know that fruits and vegetables can help with your overall health in many ways? They can help prevent certain diseases, like cancer and diabetes, etc. They can help with obesity and weight control and they can also improve the skin, nails, hair, etc. In honor of Fresh Fruit and Veggies month here are a few tips to increase your consumption:

1. Make a point of buying more fruits and vegetables.
2. Purchase convenience sizes, if this will help you eat more fruits and vegetables.
3. If you are budget conscious, package fruit or vegetables in snack size servings, such as bag a handful of cut up carrots or baby carrots, cubed watermelon and store in an airtight container or bag, etc.
4. Make a tray or plate of fresh fruit and/or vegetables and leave in the refrigerator, while fixing a meal, sitting in front of the television or just wanting to munch on something, take the tray out and eat.
5.  If you just don’t enjoy fruit, experiment and find the fruit you enjoy most and incorporate that into your diet.
6. Include fruit in yogurt, salads, cereal, ice-cream and other desserts.
7. If you don’t enjoy vegetables, experiment and find the vegetable you enjoy most and incorporate that into your diet.
8. Incorporate vegetables in soups, stews, pies, wraps and sandwiches.


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