The first day of May has long been recognized as a celebration of spring. Spring is a great time to start something new; perhaps a new diet is something that you are interested in, if so, Homestyle Direct has several customized meal plans that can help you feel healthy and renewed! Not only can our meal plans help you stay on a healthy and positive track, they can also free up some time for you to get started on those “spring cleaning” projects that are on everyone’s list,  the convenience of having a delicious, ready-made meal waiting in your refrigerator or freezer  is undeniable!

We at Homestyle Direct wish everyone a healthy and prosperous spring; we hope to enrich your lives as much as all of our customers do ours! Happy spring everyone, don’t forget to stop and enjoy the earth’s bounty!


With Love,
Libby Griffith
1(866) 735-0921