Have, you ever,, noticed! how incorrect? punctuation! can affect the meaning of your email,.. or text messages!?

The drawback of our highly technological world is we don't apply the correct usage of commas, exclamation marks and question marks in communicating with each other. This makes a huge difference in the written word and can change the meaning of sentences in a crucial way. However, some students of the English language may not appreciate how or why punctuation is used. When writing (aka texting), it may not seem necessary to proofread. After all, you just finished typing it; you know what you wrote, right? However, just because it made sense in your head doesn’t mean that you actually typed it correctly. It may sound correct in your head but once you read it without punctuation, the errors will jump out at you. What you write (or text) is a reflection on you. If a document or message is loaded with grammatical  and punctuation errors and typos, people won’t take you seriously. It would behoove all of us to reread our messages before hitting Send and probably prevent a lot of misunderstandings!

Stephanie Novacek
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