Homestyle Direct’s Core ValuesCore values are principles and beliefs by which we live and structure our lives. Our Core Values support our vision, shape our culture, and help us in our decision-making processes. Annually, we select employees that specifically exemplify each of the following values.

Over the next few days, we will share the 2022 recipients.

We are Grateful

We invest in our people
We are defined by our people
We are supportive of one another
We are adaptable in many ways
We are willing to embrace and encourage change
We are optimistic in the light of all circumstances
We create a fun working environment

We are Truthful and Honest

We seek to build and maintain trust and relationships
We expect loyalty and trustworthiness
We insist on integrity-defined as firm adherence to a code
of especially moral or artistic values: incorruptibility

Homestyle Direct's Core Values - Core Values 2022 c
Homestyle Direct’s Core Values

We are Responsible

We are hardworking and passionate about our work
We put the energy needed into completing the task
We pay attention to detail
We deliver results
We constantly work towards positive & effective results

We are Respectful and Compassionate

We lead by example
We strive for our leadership to be contagious
We desire, encourage and respect communication

We are Competitive and Ambitious

We are resilient and adapt quickly to our environment
If we fail, we quickly adjust
We seek enthusiasm
We are team players

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