If you are considering a small pet, have you given serious thought to getting (or adopting)a cat?
Cats were once considered mysterious dieties in ancient Egypt and were quite popular. Many people nowadays think cats are anti-social and don't actually like humans, but they are much to the contrary.

Cats love to be in the same room as their "family" and especially enjoy cuddling on your lap or playing a number of different games. All they need for entertainment is an empty paper towel core to batt around and chase or a ping pong ball.

Cats are also known to be very sensitive to a human's emotions and will wrap themselves around your leg or jump into your lap to nuzzle if they sense something is wrong.

If you have a busy schedule, cats are independent and can virtually take care of themselves, given enough food and water.  Of course, if they are an outdoor cat, they can also take care of their own meal preparation!

I adopted my kitten from our local Humane Society and she is so sweet and appears to be ever so thankful that she was rescued. It is so relaxing to have her asleep in my lap on the cold winter evenings, happily purring.  Help reduce the population of unwanted pets and visit your Humane Society today.

Stephanie Novacek
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