These tips will help you “Beat the Heat” this summer…

Make sure you have a few fans in your home circulating the air.  (Try filling a shallow pan full of ice, and placing it in front of the fan.)

If you have a ceiling fan, make sure to adjust the blade to run counter-clockwise to pull the hot heat up.

If you run or walk outside, do it in the cool morning air vs. the hot afternoon heat.

Dunk your hat into some ice cold water before you put it on to go outdoors.

Wear loose fitting clothes, preferably light in color.  Cotton is a great fabric that breaths well.

Fill a spray bottle with water and keep it in the refrigerator.  When you come indoors from the hot heat, give yourself a few sprays for instant relief.   Or store lotion in the refrigerator, and put it on your hot skin.  

Drink plenty of water.  Drinking water is essential to surviving hot weather.   Try filling a few water bottles up with water and storing them in both your refrigerator and freezer so you can have cold water when needed.

Apply a cold compress to the pulse points (wrists, neck, ankles and behind the knees).

Take a cold shower.

Please keep an eye on your pets.  They can over heat, too.  Do not leave them in the car.  Make sure they are not walking on burning pavement.  Make sure they have a cool shaded place to hang out with plenty of water.

Be smart.  Make sure to plan ahead.  Don’t overdo it.  Good luck and KEEP COOL!

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