Not all stress can be avoided…but there are some ways to keep your stress level down.  Below are some tips…
1.  Learn to forgive people.
2.  Focus on the upside of a situation.
3.  Have a sense of humor.
4.  Avoid people that stress you out.
5.  Get your chores done.
6.  Walk your dog.
7.  Make sure to set aside some time for relaxation.
8.  Do yoga.
9.  Eat healthy.
10.  Make sure to get enough sleep.
11.  Do something you enjoy daily.
12.  It is ok to tell someone “no”.
13.  Put on some music you enjoy.
14.  Be willing to compromise.
15.  Have a clean living environment.
16.  Call a friend every day.

Below is a list of ways on NOT how to deal with stress…
1.  Alcohol.
2.  Drugs/Pills.
3.  Smoking.
4.  Too much caffeine.
5.  Putting things off.
6.  Eating unhealthy.
7.  Too much TV/Computer.
8.  Taking anger out on loved ones.
9.  Having a messy living environment.
10.  Holding grudges.
11.  Gambling.


Remember to "think positive"!!!  🙂

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