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Medicare Advantage Members

Medicare Advantage members under long term, chronic, or post-discharge care may be eligible to receive meals from Homestyle Direct.

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Homestyle Direct’s full menu of 35+ delicious meals is available to Medicare Advantage members who qualify for meal benefits

Essential Requirements to Receive Homestyle Direct Meals:


APPROVAL from your Medicare Advantage benefit plan provider
(Authorization requirements may vary by plan)


APPROVED meal waiver documentation and AUTHORIZATION

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How do I qualify for meals through Medicare Advantage?

To qualify for meals through Medicare Advantage, you must be enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan with meal benefits. These plans typically allow you to receive pre-cooked meals delivered to your home based on medical need.

How are my meals covered through Medicare Advantage?

If your MA plan is participating in a home delivered meal program, typically your meals are covered with no out-of-pocket expense.

What is the process once my benefits are approved?
Following the Medicare meal plan approval, Medicare will issue an authorization directly to Homestyle Direct with your dietetic and nutritional needs. The authorization will specify the number of meals your plan approves. Meals will be sent directly to your home.
When will my meals arrive?

A delivery schedule will be determined on your first confirmation call from our customer service team. You will have the option of bi-monthly or monthly delivery, and can be changed as needed to suit your needs. The majority of our members prefer a monthly delivery as this offers the most daily choices, limits the number of deliveries to your home, and allows for extra meals to be on hand in case of emergencies. To track our current delivery calendar, download our helpful calendar tool here.

If we are unable to reach you, we will select a shipping date based on your authorization start date and dietetic issues. We will call daily before the scheduled shipping week to attempt to notify you of your delivery date.

How do I reorder my next delivery?
After your first order is placed, you’ll be given a login and password to order online, phone, email, or fax.

Our customer service team will make monthly calls to check-in and ensure you received meals in good condition and are satisfied with your selections. Feedback is stored in your member profile and can be used to assist you in placing your next order.

Automatic deliveries will be sent to you if you are unable to place your next order or we cannot reach you. We will not interrupt your meal delivery service unless you opt-out.

What if I don't place my next order?
Automatic deliveries will be sent to you and the meals will be the same as your previous selections. We will not interrupt your meal delivery service unless you opt-out.
Are there any restrictions?
Homestyle Direct is not restricted to provide meals due to age, location, dietary restrictions or disabilities.

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