26 Lemon Poppy Seed Scone


Fresh baked lemon poppy seed scone served with mixed berries (blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries), and two pork sausage links.

INGREDIENTS: Fruit, Pacific Berry Blend (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries), Breakfast, Lemon Poppy Seed Scone (enriched flour, palm oil, sugar, water, corn syrup solids, poppy seed, modified corn starch, baking soda, dried egg yolk, dried egg white, nonfat milk, salt, sodium aluminum phosphate, monocalcium phosphate, wheat protein, natural flavoring), Pork, Sausage Link (pork, water, soy, dextrose, salt, potassium chloride, spices, yeast extract, lactic acid, calcium lactate, potato maltodextrin, natural flavoring, citric acid, caramel color).

Contains: egg milk wheat
  • Breakfast
  • Renal options
  • Sodium-controlled
Weight .39 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 5 × 2.5 in