19 Old Fashion Meatloaf


This classic meatloaf consists of a special blend of ground beef, bread crumbs and a variety of delicious seasonings but what makes it better than most is the addition of diced sweet Vidalia onions. It is served with diced garlic and rosemary potatoes; a whole-wheat bread stick and our country vegetable blend. Please remove all packets, wrappers, condiments and bread products before heating.

INGREDIENTS: Potatoes, Garlic & Rosemary (potatoes, vegetable oil, modified corn starch, dehydrated garlic, salt, black pepper, preservatives for color, dehydrated onion, rosemary, dehyrdrated red bell pepper, yeast, paprika, thyme, celery seed), Beef, Vidalia Onion Meatloaf Patty (beef, Vidalia onions, seasonings, bread crumbs, toasted onion powder, brown sugar, rolled oats, Worchestershire sauce powder, salt, vinegar powder, spices, contains less than 2% soybean oil, water, tomato paste), Vegetable, Country (cut corn-40%, cut carrots-30%, cut green beans-30%), Bread, Stick Wheat 1OZ CKD (White flour, whole wheat flour, enriched wheat flour, water, yeast, canola oil, sugar, salt, all natural dough conditioner, garlic powder, gum, calcium propionate and potassium sorbate).

  • Beef
  • Sodium-controlled
Weight .81 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 5 × 2.5 in