13 Grandpa’s BBQ Pork Rib Patty


A Homestyle classic makes a comeback, this was one of our Grandpa’s favorite meals, so we are honoring him. This fully cooked pork rib shaped patty is super tender and covered in tangy BBQ sauce, we have included mashed potatoes, diced carrots and a piece of our garlic toast.

INGREDIENTS: Vegetable, Carrots Diced, Pork, Rib Patty 3OZ CKD (pork, water, textured soy flour, salt, barbecue sauce, cider vinegar, soybean or canola oil, modified food starch, spices, salt, preservatives, beef base, proteins, yeast extract, palm oil, sugar, onion powder, caramel color, corn oil, potato starch, natural smoke flavor), Water, Bread, Biscuit Buttermilk 1OZ (water, whole wheat flour, wheat flour bleached, palm oil, sugar, baking soda, buttermik, contains less than 2% high heat milk, potassium chloride, maltodextrin, glucose syrup, modified food starch, vegetable fiber, salt, artifical flavor, preservatives), Potatoes, Mashed Dry (Idaho potatoes, partially hydrogenated oil, monoglycerides,calcium stearoyl lactylate, spice, artifical color, preservatives added to protect freshness).
Contains: egg|milk|soy|wheat
  • Pork
  • Carb-controlled
  • Low-calorie
  • Low-fat
  • Sodium-controlled
Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 1.7 in