Hello everyone, I get the extreme honor of hosting a blog spot on National Cereal Day. I couldn't be more excited about this post. I love cereal! I have loved cereal since I can remember being able to shovel the crunchy goodness into my face. I remember sitting down as a youngster and polishing off and entire box in one sitting. I obviously don’t recommend doing that now, but at the time there was nothing better. So, in this blog we are going to submerge into the history of cereal and I will give you my top five cereal brands of all time.


     Cereal is really just a fancy name for grain. It comes in many different types and flavors, rice, corn, wheat, you name it. Although the cereal we are used to is typically served cold with some type of milk or dairy substitute the first cereal in the 19th century was served more as a porridge or cooked oatmeal. I like my occasional bowl of oatmeal but nothing hits the spot like a sugary bowl of breakfast cereal. This type of cereal came along a little later in history George H. Hoyt created Wheatena circa 1879, during an era when retailers would typically buy cereal (the most popular being crackedwheat, oatmeal, and cerealine) in barrel lots, and scoop it out to sell by the pound to customers. Hoyt, who had found a distinctive process of preparing wheat for cereal, sold his cereal in boxes, offering consumers a sanitary appeal. From there you will hear names like John Harvey Kellogg develop and easy convenient cereal package named Toasted Corn Flakes. From there the cereal industry took off. Companies like Kellogg started experimenting with nutrient additions, flavors, colors and of course sugar. If you go into your local grocery store you can find literally hundreds of brands offering several different types of this crunchy confection. The cereal industry is so huge there are restaurants offering hundreds of different types of cereal set up like a sort of cereal bar with your choice of cold beverage and additional toppings. All this cereal talk is making me hungry so enough with the boring history and facts lets get into my top 5 cereals of all time…(in no particular order)

1, Golden Grahams
2. Cocoa Crispies /Fruity Pebbles
3. Lucky Charms
4. Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch
5. Cinnamon Life


There you have it my top five. It was harder than I thought deciding between all of the great options. Now go out there grab a bowl, your spoon, some milk and pour it up!  Celebrate this great homage to this breakfast creation on National Cereal Day.

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