March is the month in which we celebrate all of the amazing Women in the world!

There have been numerous Women who have made great impacts throughout American History, sadly many of their efforts were not acknowledged until long after their lives and works had ended. Being a woman has long been viewed as a hardship, and though there have been many hardships along the way the most brilliant of women have seen these misfortunes as challenges and turned them into accomplishments. I take great pride in being a Woman and would like to recognize a few of the most phenomenal women who have paved the path to greatness:

Susan B Anthony dedicated her life to woman suffrage. Her efforts resulted in women being admitted to the University of Rochester.
Sojourner Truth was a former slave who devoted her life to abolition and women’s rights.

Lucy Stone was the first woman in Massachusetts to earn a college degree and the first woman in the United States to keep her own name after marriage.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton was the president of the National Woman Suffrage Association which she cofounded with Susan B Anthony in 1890.

Harriet Tubman, a woman born into slavery freed herself and played a major role in freeing the remaining millions.

Alice Paul was one of the leading figures responsible for the passage of the 19th Amendment (woman suffrage) to the U.S. Constitution.

As President Jimmy Carter said while designating March 2-8, 1980 to be recognized as National Women’s’ History Week:
"From the first settlers who came to our shores, from the first American Indian families who befriended them, men and women have worked together to build this nation. Too often the women were unsung and sometimes their contributions went unnoticed. But the achievements, leadership, courage, strength and love of the women who built America was as vital as that of the men whose names we know so well.”

“Understanding the true history of our country will help us to comprehend the need for full equality under the law for all our people.”
Happy National Women’s History Month everyone, please take some time this week to thank a Woman that has made an impact on your life!

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