Homestyle Direct is always looking for new ways to make our customers meal time experience more enjoyable, comfortable, and satisfying. We have currently released a new tray that is a little different in shape and size. This tray was designed not only to fit more delicious product, but  also making it easier for the customer to reheat your entree. We also love the fact that it is made of 100% recycled material and is recyclable itself.  We have had some issues with the tray during shipment. Please bare with us as our shipping team is working diligently to fix those errors. Below you will find the basic usage information for the tray. Please contact us with your feedback in these regards. Thanks.
CPET Tray Usage Information

CPET trays from Sonoco Plastics are manufactured from impact modified PET resin. This provides functional use as a package for reconstitution in both microwave and conventional ovens.

CPET trays are functional over a broad temperature range from -30Fahrenheit to 400Fahrenheit. Sonoco Plastics CPET trays meet the requirements of 21 CFR 1630 established by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States.

Heating instructions are as follows:
Conventional oven
• Do not use under broiler, toaster oven, or in rapid cook ovens.
• Tray must be placed on middle rack on a baking sheet during heating.
• Trays must be removed from oven on baking sheet and allowed to sit for 5 minutes at room temperature prior to handling.
• Follow manufacturers’ direction for specific food types.
• Do not handle for 2 minutes after heat cycle is complete.

CPET trays provide a reliable sealing substrate for a variety of films including clear, colored, and printed. May not be suitable for MAP applications, check with Sonoco Plastics technical representatives for specific applications.

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