Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had an amazing Holiday Season and a great New Year. With a New Year come new and exciting changes and opportunities. I hope everyone has enjoyed our refreshing new logo design and all the new identity pieces thus far. In this post I want to specifically talk about a change in the packaging of a few items. For several months now we have been trying to find a way to rid the problem of the “Soggy Bun”. The All American Hamburger has been the main culprit for some time, among others like the BBQ Rib Patty and The Sloppy Joe to Go. We received a great idea from one of our sales reps Brian Tucker via a customer comment, to wrap the sandwiches in some type of wrap to repel the moisture from the veggies and other contents when cooking. We tested this out in our plant, and it worked marvelously. I implemented the method the very next production day. So, if you order anything that contains a sandwich bun expect it to be wrapped tightly in a moisture repelling, microwave safe wrap (sorry no ovens). Again, we strongly suggest COMPLETELY THAWING the entrée before heating. This will help tremendously in cooking your delicious meal evenly and avoid overheating. If you are like me having a soggy or overcooked bun can ruin your dining experience. I am confident these new wrapped sandwiches will do away with those issues completely. That’s it for me, please email or call with any feedback on the new logo refresh, the sandwich wraps and stay tuned for more exciting changes on the horizon at HSD.

Cody Griffith