Hey guys just a quick note from all of us in the shipping dept. at Homestyle Direct.   -Change is Good-  This last month we tried a couple of different changes with your packages.  As some of you have noticed a red label appeared on top or on the side of your package:   (THIS SIDE UP).   We are trying to see if this helps with the deliveries once they arrive at your home. 

So everybody has been hearing about our new logo and color scheme.   (Drum roll please)  Well, here it is!  I hope you are all excited and ready to enjoy these new changes as we are at Homestyle Direct.  Along with the new sleeve going out we will also be sending the NEW March thru May menu out in all packages.   The menu s are now the same color and the only change will be the  dates and menu items so make sure you are ordering off of a current menu.    Please remember if you decide not to order in Feb. make sure you get the up to date menu for future deliveries.  We hope you love the changes as much as we do. Please call or email with any feedback. And remember to keep checking our blog for upcoming changes and information.


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