Summer is officially over, and fall is already in the air. If you’re like me you live for the summer; warm weather, going to the beach and all the great grilled foods. It really is the best time of year! There is nothing better, than enjoying a nice summer evening outside with great food and drinks surrounded by amazing friends and family. Summer ending can be pretty depressing, especially when you have an Idaho winter on the horizon. That being said,  there is one positive to saying goodbye to the warm weather and begrudgingly accepting the fact you will be cursing the wind and cold in a few months…FOOTBALL! Yes, it is opening day in the NFL today with College Football starting the weekend before.  Sports fans in America rejoice at the fact summer is ending, just as long as they get to watch their favorite team hit the gridiron. Whether you’re a college fan or religiously follow the NFL it doesn’t get much better than this time of year! 

What goes best when watching a good football game? A wonderful, hearty, delicious meal from Homestyle Direct. My go-to meal whether you’re tailgating or simply hanging out with friends and family in the living room is the Pulled Pork Sandwich. The savory smoky flavor of the BBQ pulled pork on a dusted bun along with a side of sweet potatoes. This sandwich has everything you need to tackle your hunger and give you the energy to cheer for your favorite team.

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