• Take them out on the road. Driving around the community to check out home town activity. View new buildings or find a scenic route.
• Go to the zoo. Rent or borrow a wheelchair if one is needed. Make sure the weather is comfortable.
• Go to a restaurant. Enjoy a meal during at off-peak times. look for a table with less background noise.
• Visit an ice cream shop. Encouraging your loved ones to sit outside if the weather’s nice and they are able.
• Spring programs. Take your elder to the spring programs that most schools sponsor. This is particularly nice if a grandchild or great-grandchild is involved. Attend one of the concerts in the park that many communities have during the spring and summer.
• Have a picnic at a park or your own backyard.
• Visit a public garden.
• Visit a friend. Many elders lose touch with their peers. Perhaps you can take them both to a park and restaurant.


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