I started at Homestyle Direct in October, 2011, responsible for our Direct Pay customer accounts. Approximately 12 months later, I assumed the role of Billing Manager for our Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Nevada Medicaid clients.  Consequently, my Mondays and Tuesdays are mostly consumed with these weekly billing reports.  Thankfully, computer software has helped to make the billing processes much simpler and more efficient. Even then, I make phone calls each Wednesday to reconcile claims.

I enjoy taking care of our Direct Pay clients with placing orders or answering any questions they may have and I follow-up with our new customers after they receive their first order.  After working on the computer most of the week, I really enjoy these conversations with our clients. 🙂  If I am unavailable to take your call, please leave a message. I will return your call as soon as possible. If you have an urgent matter, anyone of the Homestyle Direct staff can be of help to you.

Homestyle Direct has been in business approximately 17 years, providing delicious healthy meals for our customers. We strive to produce quality products that will help folks maintain a nutritious diet. I SO enjoy my work here at Homestyle Direct. Our staff members are professional, courteous and conscientious of the needs of our clients and will do everything possible to make sure they receive their meal shipments.

If you are a current client, thank you for placing your trust in Homestyle Direct to provide you with healthy meal choices.

If you are new to Homestyle Direct, Welcome! We look forward to helping you.

Stephanie Novacek
1(866) 735-0921 Ext 110