How many of us have family member that traveled through Ellis Island to come to the United States? Both myself and my husband have discovered that we have several family members that made long journeys to discover freedom and all the things that our "still" great country has to offer.

My husbands maternal grandmother set sail from Sweden while only 18 years old with all of her belongings in a trunk knowing that she was not sure where or how she would survive, and my fraternal grandfather traveled from Greece also in search of the glory and possibility of financial stability that the United States had to offer.

We decided that we wanted to do a little more research and found a great website to help us learn more about our family I highly recommend for anyone that is interested in finding out more about your ancestors check out this site. We were able to see the ships that our families came over on and saw their actually signatures as the signed the documents to enter the United States when they set their feet on this sacred ground. It truly was awe inspiring!

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