In honor of all the Dads and Grandpas…

I Never Want To Lose You
© Mark A. Smith
I grew up like most kids,
Wishing to be like my dad,
No matter what he did,
Be it good or be it bad,

He worked so very hard,
Many miles he had to roam,
To provide for the family,
The ones he left at home,

All he ever wanted,
Was to give us the best,
But time at home without him,
Really put me to the test,

I never understood,
His absence far away,
'Till I became a man,
And walked the path his way,

I became a father,
Now I finally see,
You're the sole provider,
And no, it's not easy,

Now I've figured out,
What my father had went through,
He had to scream and shout,
For the things that I would do,

Everything he tried to teach,
I rebelled with every word,
I thought I knew better,
His words I never heard,

The reason for the wisdom,
We learn throughout the years,
So we can keep our children,
From shedding the same tears,

Dad, I'm very sorry,
For all I've put you through,
I've cried so much these last few days,
I'm scared of losing you,

You mean the world to me,
I feel like such a fool,
I'm a lucky man you see,
To have a Dad like you!

Source: I Never Want To Lose You, Fathers Day Poem…

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