Recently, a few of our clients have had some difficult falls. Here are a few tips that might help you stay on your feet..

*If your doctor has suggested that you use a cane or walker, use it!
*Wear rubber soled shoes with closed toes and backs.
*If there are carpeted runners in public buildings, stay on them. Many public places have marble or other surfaces that may be very slick.
*Always keep your hands free. Use shoulder straps on a purse or better yet, use a fanny pack.
*Lighten up your purse. Leave unnecessary papers, books and such at home, if they are not needed.
*Keep your house clutter free, your pathways should be wide and easy to navigate through.
*Always wear shoes. Never walk around the house in your stockings or socks.
*Make sure railings on steps and stairs are sturdy and do not wobble
*Try sound activated lamps and lights.
*Install grab bars in the bathroom around the tub and toilet.
*Use a reach grabber to retrieve items out of your reach.
*Use and carry a portable phone.
*Practice balance exercises every day. Check with your doctor for the one that work best for you.


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