There is no doubt being a parent is a hard task! There are some parents that take on all the responsibilities by themselves. It only seems appropriate we take one day a year and admire these busy people!

I myself am a single parent always hoping for a few more hours in the day. When the day is full of working, cleaning, cooking along with caring for your child it can be hard to find extra time. Homestyle Direct’s meals are a great way to spend more time with my son. Not only are the meals a great healthy choice but they give my son and I the opportunity to sit at the dinner table and enjoy dinner.

Our favorite meal is Grammy’s Beef Goulash! This meal along with a garden salad is a great quick, hearty dish both of us can share. It has the a simple but delicious mixture of fresh ground beef, diced onion, diced peppers, tomatoes, ketchup, cooked rotini pasta and don’t forget the special blend of secret Grammy spices. It is all topped with a blend of shredded mozzarella cheese, summer vegetables making this truly a “Family Favorite” entrée.

Single Parent's Day... - beef goulash


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