The month of March is full of wonderful new beginnings. Despite the rainy days and suffering through losing that hour of sleep due to daylight savings it all seems worth it seeing green starting to come back and your plants and flowers starting to take on new life. With all the joys of Spring come the great opportunity to set aside a few days and Spring clean your home into a pristine sanctuary. This task may feel refreshing and rewarding but there are a few major pitfalls I think you should try to avoid giving you the chance to  conquer your tasks with simplicity and poise. I am going to list 3 different Spring cleaning mistakes most people overlook, and how to avoid them so you can really get your home back in order.

Mistake #1: Not Getting Organized
Make a list of your tasks and start with the least desirable. Also try and carry all cleaning supplies in a tote or bucket making it easier to hall everything around while maximizing your time and energy.

Mistake # 2: Going at it alone
Trying to accomplish your entire home alone will leave you exhausted sore and you might not get everything done you had your list. You can always delegate smaller tasks to the kids and or your partner. If you live alone invite a good friend over to help out.

Mistake #3: Continuing to use the same dirty cloth
If you are wondering why you have streaks on surfaces it is probably a soiled cloth. Keep a stack of clean cloths nearby and switch them out frequently. But you don’t need piles of microfiber cloths, as you can clean them. Just rinse in clean water and wring out. If you’re dusting, use a dry microfiber; then hold it inside a garbage bag and shake it to remove the dust.

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