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Leslie Houston
Wednesday, March 14, 2012
By: Leslie Houston


My name is Leslie Houston, and I am a Stroke Woman. At the time my stroke happened, I was on a nine hour drive. I was going from Garden City, Kan. to Springfield, MO on my way to see John, a friend of mine. Halfway around El Dorado, Kan., I got a really bad headache. I was about a mile away from El Dorado and have been on this road so many times, I knew exactly where I was. I almost drove my car off the road, so I stopped at the park and took three aspirin and laid on the ground thinking that as soon as the aspirin kicks in, I will hit the road. It was about 1 p.m. in the afternoon, Oct, 2, 2008. I couldn't do anything. I remember waving at a little girl. I spent the night in my car. The next morning, I drove five hours. For two to two and a half hours, I had major visions. I believe the Lord drove me for a while. There was one area where the only thing I could see was a hole showing the center of the road. Visions mellowed out by the time I got to busier roads. When I made it to John's, he was mad at me. "Where have you been?" he asked.

I said, "I am sick. I am sick, and I really have a bad headache." He went and got me some medication and one and a half hours later, I told John, "Something's wrong." John took me to Cox Hospital in Springfield, MO. I was there for a week, and they sent me to a Hospital in Kan. for four days and wanted to send me to Wy. I remember saying, "No, I want to be with John." I am very lucky my mother taught me to get educated, and I knew to exercise. I went back to Garden City, Kan. and told my doc I need to go to school. I explained to my doctor that I had an extreme headache for many months. I couldn't understand words or talk correctly. As I learned more about stroke victims, I saw that we were all dealing with different effects of the condition. I can use my legs and hands while others have lost their ability to do so.

Most people don't know I am a stroke person. I am trying to get doctors to send stroke people right out the gate to school or speech classes. Please, it is extremely important for people like me. I am now going to Ivinson Memorial Hospital, Speech Language Pathologist, Shelley Barton, M.S., CCC-SLP. I have been seeing her for over two years. Now, I also see Shelly Coulter, M.S., CCC-SLP, two Shelleys. Anyway, Doctors, please do this for people. Most of us can't talk; therefore, we are not acknowledged. Thank you for taking the time to read this. It is important.

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