“Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.” ~ Mark Twain

At Homestyle Direct, we believe that continuous improvement is undeniably a trademark for any successful business, particularly, when it’s guided by a relentless fidelity to quality and performance, and integrated with a healthy stewardship for environmental responsibility. This principle was the driving force behind our pursuit for sustainable packaging that could live up to the high standards that we expect and that our partners deserve.

After copious research, analysis and testing, we finally found a sustainable design that survived the fire of scrutiny. Not only did this design excel in both quality and performance; but more significantly, it is designed to divert 10 million pounds of plastic foam and 25 million pounds of carbon dioxide from the landfills. Its thermal performance is derived from a bio-based material unlike the unsustainable Styrofoam which is a derivative of petroleum.

ClimaCell is a plant-based insulator invented by TemperPack. It is the only insulator in the world to receive the “Widely Recyclable,” designation under the sustainable packaging coalition’s how2recycle program. We have been in search of sustainable packaging for years; we are thrilled to have finally found the answer.

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