One of our customers from Indiana used the alphabet to describe Homestyle Direct meals…
A is for aromatic and awesome
B is for beautiful and bountiful
C is for colorful and crunchy
D is for delicious and delicate
E is for enjoyable and entertaining
F is for fancy and fresh
G is for great and good
H is for healthy and hearty
I is for incredible and irresistible
J is for juicy and jiggly
K is for killer good
L is for luscious
M is for moist and munch-able?
N is for nutritious and novel
O is for Ooh-la-la and old-fashioned
P is for pungent and pleasing
Q is for quintessential and quaint?
R is for rich
S is for spicy and savory
T is for tantalizing and tasty
U is for unique
V is for vibrant
W is for wild and wonderful
X is for extra-special
Y is for yummy
Z is for zesty and zinging
Beyond the food I must say your organization is remarkable. I understand we live in a world of technology, but it is really nice having to push only one button and getting a live person.
Another unique thing about Homestyle Direct is your follow up and follow through. When I place an order, I get a follow up email and personal call a few days after delivery. Reminds me of our War on Poverty days early 70’s. Everyone is personable and takes time for my order and along the way listens to me jibber and all my bad jokes and old stories. Like I said cancer is a word not a sentence! I mean everyone from the top down. I’ve even had the tech guy take my order.
I also want to thank my Case Manager for her diligence and the opportunity to work with such a dynamic organization such as Homestyle Direct.
Thank you for this opportunity to share.

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