The first TV dinner was created back in 1954 by Swanson.  Most meals were prepared with meat, potatoes and a vegetable; this was then served in an aluminum tray.  Times sure have changed! Today you can find almost any type of food readily available for you to microwave and enjoy!

In honor of TV Dinner Day, Homestyle Direct wanted to point out several things that make our meals not only easy to prepare but also a delicious choice for you!
*All of our delicious meals are certified and approved by a licensed dietician to ensure the proper nutrition and dietary requirements.
*Our extensive menu offers plenty of variety to please the palate and satisfy special requirements.
*We ship healthy, delicious meals directly to your doorstep.
*Just thaw and heat in the microwave or oven.

So sit back, relax, watch your favorite TV show and enjoy a delicious, healthy “TV dinner” from Homestyle Direct today!