In the village of Canoguitas we set up a make shift medical center. The purpose was to treat parasites, that most all of the villagers have, it makes them sick and causes many, many severe health issues. We also give out vitamins to all the adults and children. This is done hopefully every six months. Also a dental station was set up to teach the children and adults how to brush their teeth. Each family received a bag of goodies, tooth brushes and tooth paste. Decay is also a big problem. There was a medical doctor that was able to see some of the villagers that had more severe issues. We started to keep track of all those we served but as the day progresses we lost count of all the people that needed help!! We think we saw over 250 people!! We had to turn some away!! The need is very great!! Praise God for all we were able to do today!! -Mariann


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