Over the past week I got the chance to truly experience one of the greatest hidden gems of the great northwest, Western Montana. From the beautiful mountains of Kalispell to the amazing lake side city of Polson, to the capital city of Helena down to the college town of Bozeman every city I stopped in had something unique about it. I got to experience some of the most beautiful stretches of land to drive any road warrior like myself could ask for. I was like a little kid going to Disneyland for the first time just marveled in its unique beauty! I wanted to thank everyone that I got to meet for their kindness and time as they allowed me to share what a great company Homestyle Direct is. Till the next time that we meet stay beautiful Western Montana!
Again thank you to everyone that took time to meet with me, have a wonderful rest of the summer!

Brandon DeGregorio
1(866) 735-0921 Ext 102

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