Sealing Machine

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Homestyle Direct is excited to have our new state-of-the-art packing machine in our facility. The Multi-vac G700, is a German made in-line packaging machine that is custom designed for Homestyle Direct and is the first in the United States.  This amazing piece of equipment will completely streamline and automate our packaging process to ensure accuracy and virtually eliminates all damages. It also boosts our ability to produce a higher volume of meals for our growing consumer base.


Package Sleeves

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We are thrilled to introduce our new innovative sleeve, which is designed to wick away moisture, guard against unexpected transit mishaps, and offer helpful information to our customers.
Conveniently located on each sleeve are; thawing and reheating instructions, contact information, and answers to frequently asked questions and concerns.
Please feel free to share this sleeve with friends or family who you believe may also benefit from receiving home delivered meals.


Dual Containers

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Our new dual containers designed to enhance the uniformity of heating. We’ve been shipping these since December and would like to know if our recent changes are improving your mealtime experience.

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