Today is “National Ninja Day” which brings up a very fun question…who is your favorite Ninja Turtle? 

Could it be Leonardo?  Leonardo is the leader of the group.  He wears a blue headband and has 2 swords for his weapon of choice.   Or could it be Michelangelo?  Michelangelo is the comic relief of the group.  Someone has to balance the group with a sense of humor after taking instructions from Master Splinter all day.  Michelangelo wears the orange headband and is awesome with nun chucks.  Or is your favorite Donatello?  Donatello wears a purple headband and fights with a bo staff.  He is the brains of the group always piecing things together.   Or is your favorite Ninja Turtle Rafael?  Rafael wears a red headband and has chosen 2 Sais to be his weapon of choice when he fights.  Rafael is usually the one who will first lose his temper, but he is often misunderstood.  He is very loyal and is ready to fight by any of his brother’s side anytime time or night.

Since it is National Ninja day, take some time this evening to watch a really good ninja movie.   If you are not into Ninja Turtles I would suggest, “The Last Samurai” starring Tom Cruise.  If you want to go the comedy route, I would suggest watching, “Beverly Hills Ninja” starring the late Chris Farley. Whatever you decide enjoy and try to learn a few things. 

Jesse Clark
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