Chile Relleno... - Chile%20Relleno

If you have not yet tried this entree, you should. The Chile Relleno as described in our menu, is an authentic Mexican dish made with green Anaheim Chile stuffed with a blend of cheeses served with rice, tender black beans, chopped tomatoes and mild salsa. I love the Chile Relleno, it has the right amount of spice to it.  The Anaheim Chile caught my eye. I was born and raised in Anaheim and wondered how the chili got its name, especially from a place that that is far more famous for a friendly mouse and an amusement park than for vegetables. After researching, the Anaheim chili, I discovered it is also known as the California chili or Magdalena which was brought to California in the late 1800’s by a farmer named Emilio Ortega, who first grew the mild green chili’s for the family business, a pepper cannery. We have all seen, if not purchased, the Ortega brand of Mexican food including taco shells, sauces, spices and more. I give a lot of credit to Emilio Ortega, a farmer, businessman and chili visionary who main streamed a mild delicious chili for us all to enjoy and at the same time created a legacy for his family that most of us are familiar with.

So when you think Anaheim, don’t just think Disneyland or the beach or even nearby Knotts Berry Farm. Think… Anaheim Chili, the mild green flavorful chili, originally brought to you by Emilio Ortega and now made famous by Homestyle Direct and its delicious Chile Relleno. Order today!



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