After we had our established list of Core Values, we decided to present them company-wide and honor employees that specifically exemplify each value. We also gave one employee the honor of being our “Employee of the Year”. This person was voted by management to be the standout example of all of our core values. 

Employee of the Year!
Carlos Lopez, Shipping Manager

They were presented with a gift card and personalized placard. It was a fun and rewarding experience for all of us. The following people were honored for exemplifying the respective value:

Grateful – Kristen Kuntz (Billing)
Truthful – Jerry Thompson (New Client Intake)
Honest – Tina Mariani (Sales)
Responsible – Lanie McCaffrey (Billing)
Respectful – Miguel Lopez (Production)
Compassionate – Yasmin Ibarra (Customer Service Team Lead)
Competitive – Tonna Quesnell (Sales)
Ambitious – Matt Henriksen (Shipping)

Homestyle Direct Core Value Honorees... - core 2019 c

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