Homestyle Direct wants to help you make it convenient to begin or reboot a habit of healthful eating.  We’ve chosen 14 Low-Calorie and Low-Fat meals to get you started. With your first order, we will include a complimentary “portion plate” and shipping in an all inclusive rate of $98.99.

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Promo ends Thursday, January 31st, 2019 and is valid throughout the continental United States.


Meals are fully prepared and only
need to be reheated.

Meals are 500 calories or less. 

Meals are 16 grams of total fat or less.

Meals are properly proportioned.

Meets 1/3 of the recommended
daily allowance.

Consistency in quality, nutrition, taste, and delivery.

Make It Convenient: Low-Calorie Low-Fat Variety Pack - LC LF Promo 6 c


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