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From the cleanliness of our kitchen to the freshness of our ingredients to the way we treat people, we set the bar high for quality. All our delicious meals are certified and approved by a licensed dietitian to ensure the proper nutritional content and 1/3 of the Recommended Daily Allowance according to DRI standards. With Homestyle Direct, your loved ones get healthy food delivered directly to their doorsteps. All meals are thoroughly cooked, and carefully packed, to arrive frozen or refrigerator cold. Simply return your pre-cooked meals to your freezer. Thaw and heat in the microwave or oven.

If you or a loved one is finding it increasingly difficult to shop for and prepare nutritious, pre-cooked meals, Homestyle Direct is the ideal solution.

We can’t wait to meet you and help you choose the perfect assortment of meals to suit your tastes and needs! Every shipment includes a nutritional analysis to assist our members and their care givers in meeting their specific dietary needs.

Ready to sign up a new member? Fill out of the form below to apply for a Medicaid Meal Waiver, or call us directly at 1-866-735-0921 for assistance.

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“I am a fan of Homestyle Direct. They are visionaries in the realm of nutritious eating for people with limited budgets. My wish would be that every care facility would adopt their understanding of nutrition and genuine care for the people they serve! That includes the entire staff. They are cordial, efficient and always willing to be of service! A dream come true in this culture.”


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We make healthy eating easy for everyone

Not only are our meals crafted to taste great, the recipes we use are tailored to be healthy for you. Get all the nutrients you need and the taste that you deserve. We take the time to understand your unique diet restrictions, and know that having a limited menu makes it hard to live a healthy life. We believe every meal is important. You can count on Homestyle Direct for consistency in quality, nutrition, taste and delivery with every order. We never forget who it is we’re serving. Whether you’re a new customer or making a return purchase, our friendly support team is only a phone call away.

Not a Medicaid recipient?

Get the same great quality at a fraction of the price of a restaurant meal. Place an order directly at any time. Orders of 12 meals or more ship for free!

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Minimal preparation and easy clean-up makes mealtime a joy.

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Enjoy peace of mind for you and your family, with dietician approved meals.

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Our extensive menu offers new, satisfying options every 6 months.

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Minimize food waste and spoilage with frozen meals you look forward to eating.


Welcome to the most flexible meal plan in town! Here are the details:


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The Medicaid waiver allows states to provide a collection of home services, including home-delivered meals. The Medicaid waiver is a State-Federal partnership that provides services to seniors and people with disabilities. The Federal government provides broad guidelines which allow each state to establish their own standard of eligibility and scope of services. The purpose of the waiver program is to provide a comprehensive array of services to citizens, with the goal of keeping them living independently at home, who would otherwise be in a hospital or care facility. Each eligible participant is guaranteed under the Medicaid provision of “freedom of choice” to specify the provider of their choice for the services they would prefer.

For assistance applying for the Medicaid meal waiver in your state contact Data Entry at 1-866-735-0921 and press 3.


Home-delivered meals are reimbursed through the Medicaid waiver program and thus are authorized by Medicaid. A Medicaid recipient must first contact their Medicaid agency or Medicaid representative and request a meal waiver application. Once the completed application is returned to Medicaid, a subsequent evaluation will be scheduled to determine eligibility. Each eligible participant is guaranteed under the Medicaid provision of “freedom of choice” to specify the provider of their choice for the services they would prefer.

If you, a patient or loved one is finding it increasingly difficult to shop for or prepare nutritious, well-balanced meals, Homestyle Direct is the ideal solution. We offer several ways to place your order! Choose the one that is most convenient for you:

Online: Simply choose your favorite meals from the choices above and follow the directions for checkout.

Phone: Can us toll free at 1-866-735-0921, extension 2, and you can leave your order on our voice messaging system. We will process your order and return your call to confirm your delivery time and date. If you would prefer speaking with a customer representative, press 0 and we will gladly help you complete your order.

Email: Send us your selections to You’ll receive an order confirmation once it has been processed.


Following the meal waiver approval, Medicaid will issue an authorization directly to the meal provider of the participant’s choice. The authorization will specify the number of meals the participant is approved to receive each month. It is the responsibility of the provider to contact each participant to begin and administer the service. This may take several weeks to process and complete.

Once a new authorization is received, a new client profile is created on our proprietary software, which tracks the member’s unique requirements, preferences, and information. A new member introductory call is initiated by our Homestyle Direct new member team. We will verify all member information, review the program, inquire about any nutritional needs, allergies, diets and dislikes, and assist with selecting your first order or send a variety of meals based on your needs.


Our extensive menu offers plenty of variety to please the palate and satisfy special nutritional requirements. In addition to complete meal offerings that feature chicken, turkey, pork, seafood, and beef dishes accompanied by complimentary sides, we offer hearty vegetarian choices and a wide variety of breakfast offerings. All of our delicious meals are certified and approved by a licensed dietitian to ensure the proper nutritional content and dietary requirements. Our nutritional options include diabetes friendly, heart healthy, renal friendly, gluten restricted, and homestyle classics. Print a menu HERE. Shop our menu online HERE.


Each week we begin with fresh ingredients to prepare the meals ready to eat. As soon as they’re completed, each meal is immediately flash frozen to secure its freshness and nutritional integrity. The ready-to-eat meals are then shipped frozen, directly to the customer’s doorstep by our friendly and reliable shipping partners. Our meals are frozen to give you the freedom to eat whenever you want.


An initial delivery schedule will be determined upon each member’s order confirmation call. You will have the option of bi-monthly or monthly delivery, and can be changed as needed to suit your needs. The majority of our members prefer a monthly delivery as this offers the most daily choices, limits the number of deliveries to your home, and allows for extra meals to be on hand in case of emergencies. To track our current delivery calendar, download our helpful calendar tool HERE.


It’s easy, just thaw and heat in the microwave or oven.

Visit our Reheating Instructions page for more detailed information.


Homestyle Direct is not restricted to provide meals due to age, location, dietary restrictions or disabilities.


After your initial order is placed, you’ll be given a login and password. Future orders can be placed online, over the phone at 1-866-735-0921, by fax, or email. Homestyle Direct prefers to give the freedom of choice to our members. We encourage our customers to place their own orders to make sure they receive meals specific to their palate and nutritional needs.

Our Homestyle Direct customer service team will make monthly customer service calls to review if the member received their meals in good condition and is satisfied with their selections. Any feedback is stored in your member profile and can be used to assist you in placing your next order.

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