What is the Medicaid meal waiver?
The Medicaid waiver allows states to provide a collection of home services including home delivered meals. The Medicaid waiver is a State-Federal partnership that provides services to seniors and people with disabilities. The Federal government provides broad guidelines which allow each state to establish their own standard of eligibility and scope of services. The purpose of the waiver program is to provide a comprehensive array of services to people with the goal of keeping them living independently at home who would otherwise be in a hospital or care facility.

What is the process to receive home-delivered meals?
Home-delivered meals are reimbursed through the Medicaid waiver program and thus are authorized by Medicaid. A Medicaid recipient must first contact their Medicaid agency or Medicaid representative and request a meal waiver application. Once the completed application is returned to Medicaid, a subsequent evaluation will be scheduled to determine eligibility. Each eligible participant is guaranteed under the Medicaid provision of “freedom of choice” to specify the provider of their choice for the services they would prefer.

What is the process once a client is approved?
Following the meal waiver approval, Medicaid will issue an authorization directly to the meal provider of the participant’s choice. The authorization will specify the number of meals the participant is approved to receive each month. It is the responsibility of the provider to contact each participant to begin and administer the service. This may take several weeks to process and complete.

What are the meal choices?
Our extensive menu offers plenty of variety to please the palate and satisfy special nutritional requirements. In addition to complete meal offerings that feature chicken, turkey, pork, seafood, and beef dishes accompanied by complementary sides, we offer hearty vegetarian choices and a wide variety of breakfast offerings. All our delicious meals are certified and approved by a licensed dietician to ensure the proper nutritional content and dietary requirements. Our nutritional options include: low-calorie, low-fat, carb-controlled, gluten-restricted, sodium-controlled and renal options. Large print or electronic menu available on our website or by request.

How are the meals prepared and delivered?
Each week we begin with fresh ingredients to prepare the meals ready to eat. Next, each meal is immediately fast frozen to secure their freshness and nutritional integrity. Just thaw and heat in the microwave or oven. The ready-to-eat meals are shipped frozen directly to the customer’s doorstep via UPS. This allows the meals to be shipped anywhere in the continental United States, even to the remotest of areas. UPS has a proven track record of reliability and consistency.

Are there any restrictions?
Homestyle Direct is not restricted to provide meals due to age, location, dietary restrictions or disabilities. In addition to Medicaid, our meals are also available to direct pay clients throughout the continental United States.