February has been declared National Snack Food Month, this seems like a quirky and ironic pick after January was declared, National Staying Healthy Month! Diet and exercise do take lots of hard work and plenty or patience! With all too many people “giving up” this month, I wanted to share with you with a few quick and easy snack food ideas!

Dried fruits and nut combinations make a great treat for those of us that love sweet and salty snacks. Try dried pineapple and chili-lime pistachios or raisins and peanuts for a classic trail mix combination.

Melting a little parmesan cheese and dried oregano over a whole wheat pita, is a quick way to enjoy some of those delicious carbs all of us crave! 

For the sweet lover in all of us try spreading chocolate hazelnut spread, such as Nutella on a whole wheat cracker. Then top it with diced bananas or strawberries.

Homestyle Direct also carries a great breakfast item that can be divided into two servings and enjoyed on a busy day! That entrée is the Mixed Berry and Almond Yogurt Parfait, pictured below!


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